Alaska Fishing

Alaska fishing in Kodiak, whether on the road system, ocean charter, back country ATV or air access to remote sites has the real possibility of spoiling you for going to your favorite fishing spots around home.  When you stand in a stream with fish jumping over your line and tagging your fly or lure with nearly every cast, it is hard to keep from laughing and smiling to yourself all day long especially when you are giving YOUR fishing report.  Whether those fish are:

  • 35 to 40 pound 'cookie cutter' kings on the South End of Kodiak
  • On a charter boat 1/2 hour from the dock in Kodiak
  • 10 to 18 pound coho salmon Kodiak's road system rivers, that want to destroy your tackle
  • Sockeye salmon early in June ripping line off your reel for run after run
  • in pools found in the local rivers filled with upwards of 6000 bright pink salmon nailing every cast with chum salmon interspersed to surprise you with their heavy fight will  forget what fishing was like around your home. 

Now add to that the opportunity to hit the ocean with one of our excellent charter skippers in search of heavy slugging halibut, ling cod and other bottom fish, as well as another opportunity for king and coho salmon on the boats and you'll see what I'm talking about. You catch it, we'll process it for a fee.  Bring us a good product and we will make sure you take home an excellent finished product, fillet, vacuum sealed, frozen and boxed for shipping.  We can ship your catch home so you don't even have to pack it through the airport. Call us for the fishing calendar for the species you are looking for. Give us a try in Kodiak, and we'll see you smile.


ATV Trips

Okay, are you ready to Rumble, want a little Alaskan adventure?  Take an ATV trip while you are in Kodiak. 

If you want a little of the wild side, go 4 wheelin to Saltery River as long as you don't mind possibly getting your butt wet and/or up close and personal with Kodiak bears. 

The road (trail) in is exciting enough, but that is just the start.  The fishing is incredible; whether you are catching early Dolly Varden, Steelhead (catch release), Sockeye, Pink or Silver Salmon, you won't be disappointed.  As you can see from the photos, you and your buddies will be in bear and buffalo country and just may get worn out from all the fish catching and other adventure.  Check out the guide services and book a day, you'll be glad you did.  Then come back to the Lodge, lay around and swap stories (aka lies) about your adventure.


Bear Viewing

Beginning in mid-June, bears begin to start looking for salmon. It is possible to view bears as late as the end of September. They are always fascinating to watch and are Kodiak Island's impressive species.


Trivia: There is 1 bear for every 4 residents on Kodiak Island.

This year it was not a matter of whether you see bears or not, but how many, and how close!


Bird Watching

Kodiak is a birder's paradise. Thanks to a mild climate and plentiful food supply, bird watching opportunities are excellent year-round. Over 200 bird species have been identified in the archipelago. Winter bird counts are usually the highest in Alaska, with some eighty species identified last year.


Sea Life

Steller Sea Lions

Year-round residents in the archipelago, often seen in boat harbors and haul-out areas.


Sea Otters

Often seen in sheltered waters near kelp beds.


Harbor Seals

Found in protected inner bays and lagoons.

The Whales of Kodiak

Found in the waters of Kodiak are fin, minke, humpback, killer and gray whales. Spring and fall

are the best times for observing migrating gray whales. Killer whales are common in the spring and summer.



Dall and white-sided porpoise are often seen riding a boat's waves, unlike the shy harbor porpoise. Resource:

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