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Chinook Salmon, living the longest of all the salmon, is also the largest of the five salmon species

and considered by most fishermen as the best prize catch. 


For some of the best King Salmon fishing in the world we suggest the Ayakulik (Red) River or Karluk River.  Here in Kodiak it is not the size (25 to 45#s) that matters but the quantity.  You may find larger Kings on the mainland Alaska but you will not be elbow to elbow with other fisherman. You will be surrounded by the peace and quiet of the Alaskan wilderness. 


There are several guide services available on the island, and we recommend you take them up on their expertise in finding these beauties.

King salmon due to their high oil content and incredible flavor, are one of the best salmon for preparing any way you like it.  My favorite for Kings is smoking them long and slow after a good brine.  Yum, some of the best.



Ah, the lowly pink (humpy) salmon.  Often not thought highly of by locals but this 3 to 6 pound fish

when caught fresh in the rivers from the ocean gives a great fight and, guess what -- tastes Excellent.


Try marinating in teriyaki sauce, then sauteing in butter, fillet pieces (skin on) in a cast iron skillet, with season all and pepper.  Electric stove on 7 (just over 1/2) cook for 6 minutes (two minutes on skin side, two minutes flipped over, then two minutes back on skin), more than that and it is overcooked.  Trust me! With country potatoes and asparagus spears, WOW!  Topped with your favorite beer or wine, or other adult beverage, that's what I'm talkin' about!  You can substitute other beverages instead of my choices.  Another thing about nice bright pinks, they are excellent smoked and made into salmon rolls.



RED SALMON "Sockeye"

Many Locals feel the best tasting salmon of them all is the Sockeye (red) salmon. That is not my opinion

but they are very good. They also arrive first in the rivers in the Kodiak area so they get targeted immediately
by locals and visitors alike.  Their dark red flesh is a thing of beauty and looks particularly good when smoked to a dark red sheen. Flaky pieces of slow smoked Red salmon is a favorite of many of our guests.  How can it get any better, go fishing, catch your limit of these 5 to 8 pound, beautiful chrome bright reds, bring them back to the lodge, eat fresh sauteed reds for dinner with snacks of smoked reds, cream cheese and crackers later with a nice pounder of North Pacific Amber Ale. I'm hungry just talking about it.




Okay Folks, this is the one, my favorite, these 8 to 20 pound salmon will kick your butt in all of the
Kodiak area streams. Broken rods, snapped line, reels smoking with the gears frying, these fish don't
want to come in.  They'll run two pools down then fly back up to where you are standing, jump two feet an
flick the lure back at you trying to stick it to your earlobe or forehead.  That's their way of showing you what they think of you trying to catch them.  Pound for pound these guys are one of the best fighters there are in the rivers and ocean.  Then on top of that, they are (as far as I'm concerned) the best eating; smoked, barbecued, sauteed, salmon rolled or any other way you do it.  Spend the day fishing, then we'll top it off with a fresh salmon meal you will definitely remember.




These big salmon are very light colored flesh but also very good when caught ocean bright. They smoke
very well.  (I guess by now you know I like smoked salmon.)  They hide in among the masses of pink salmon in deep pools and every so often will hit your green fly or lure and surprise you.  You thought you were going to catch a pink salmon when this 14 pound 'bad boy' (6 to 18 pound average) Chum salmon decides to try to break your gear.  Unless they are very tiger striped and late in the spawning cycle, Chum salmon are also good eating.  The eggs of the chum salmon are considered a delicacy when properly cured as ikura.



What can you say,  whether you are out with friends who have a boat, or fishing with a Coast Guard buddy on one of the moral boats, or on one of Kodiak's charter boats with a bunch of your friends, your day of comradery is broken up frequently by a halibut trying to pull your rod out of your hands.  It really is nice to hook into a fish that you just can't 'Horse' in.  He/she horses back.  This is not the high wire act of a silver salmon but a heavy slugging battle with a prize fighter on the bottom of the ocean.  Many halibut are great eating size from 15 to 50 pounds but every so often you hook into a giant.  Prepare to be busy for a while-- a long while!  150 pound fish are out there and prepared to kick your butt.  How does that sound, 'a butt kicking your butt!'  No one can dispute the quality of meat you get off a halibut.  You will be bringing home some of the finest seafood there is, and it's good for you. Halibut aren't the only thing out there that can be fun to catch and good to eat.  One of my favorites is a Ling Cod.  these prehistoric looking fish have a set of teeth that will make you think twice about getting anywhere close to the mouth.  And are they good to eat.  As are the Pacific cod, and various rockfish, bass and yellow eye that you may catch.  It's like a surprise every time you bring something up.  Don't forget, you can also get slammed by kings and silvers. Wow, what a day. Halibut are available all summer. Typically, the best locations are:

  • Bouy 4
  • Williams Reef
  • North Long Island
  • Chiniak
  • Whale Pass