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Meet the Owner

Gus Gustafson has lived on Kodiak Island since 1979. He made his living as a commercial fisherman and knows every bay, cove, and pass the island has to offer. Gus can tell you where and how to get fish, game, as well as entertainment. He is a terrific host.


Spend a little time with Gus and you'll have a friend that will last a lifetime.


Kodiak Russian River Lodge is a FULL service Bed & Breakfast offering a wide arrange of services hard to find anywhere else.

We have 3 stories and can accommodate large groups or crews.  We are often the choice long-term & short-term rentals for Coast Guard Transfers and Construction Crews assigned to Kodiak.


  • Custom Processing Fish or Game. Filleting, Vacuum Sealing, Freezing in the on-site 20K lb cold storage, storing and shipping is available.

  • Custom Smoking. What you catch (or shoot) will be what you receive.
  • Outdoor Grilling Facilities
  • Van Rental
  • Special Contractor arrangements available for vehicles and tool storage.
  • Salmon Fishing
  • Motel Arrangements
  • Salmon Fishing

“Kevin and I had a wonderful time at your lodge.  We loved your room and the warm and friendly open living room/kitchen/pool room/bar.  You were an added plus as well as all the wonderful guests which we had fun talking to. Thanks again for everything!”


Kevin & Susie Egan,

Woodinville, WA

“Gus and his bed and breakfast is one far and few. Its one of the best stays I have ever had and look forward to coming back to again. I recommend it for anyone wanting to have a wonderful time.  Thanks for everything."


Lauren Kingfield

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Welcome to Kodiak Russian River Lodge


Kodiak Russian River Lodge is located on the edge of the Alaskan Wilderness boasting incredible mountain views and easy access to a variety of outdoor activities including fishing hunting and sight-seeing.


The bed and breakfast is surrounded on three sides by spectacular mountains and on the fourth by Woman's Bay (part of the Gulf of Alaska).


The area, locally known as Bell's Flats, is located 6 miles from the airport and  4 miles to the Coast Guard Base south of the town of Kodiak. It is also close to fishing and hunting areas. We are 1/2 block off the Chiniak Highway and walking distance to the Ocean, Sergeant Creek, Russian River, and the Rendezvous Bar and Grill. We are approximately 100 yards from the AC store; a small rural convenience store for gas, liquor, and assorted food items you may have forgotten in town.

An Adventure for the Wild at Heart!